Tranquil Autumn Evening by Kenneth J Ellison


Autumn mist begins it's evening descent,
He wonders how summer so quickly went,
Winter will soon enter like a grumpy bear,
He can feel it's nippy breath in the air.

Geese settle onto fields for a nightly rest
Their honks disturb his peacefulness,
At dawn they will fly on continuing their quest,
Tomorrow will bring more overnight guests.

Upon the porch rail he rest his gnarly hands
And leans forward gazing over the land,
His grandfather settled it years ago
From the mountain to the river below.

He seats himself in the old rocking chair,
Tugs in his coat against the chilly air,
Marveling at the autumn sunsets glow,
In the breeze he senses early snow.

He listens intently to the sounds of the evening,
The old milk cow's bawl and the sheep bleating,
They loudly protest being locked in for the night,
The autumn sunset slowly fades from sight.

A voice of authority breaks the tranquility
Returning his thoughts to present reality.
"It's time to come in for dinner sweetheart,
Bring more wood for the hearth".

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-10-04

Song title: "Red Rose"

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